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5 Big Mistakes Why Your skin is dull and unhealthy

Big Mistakes Why Your skin is dull and unhealthy
The face is clean and bright it could be yours if you're diligent care kult face well. But if not treated, do not blame if your face skin looks dull, dark and not fresh. There are many things that cause your face like this, this 4 in between.

  1. Lack of drinking water
    If the body is less fluid, the skin will show the same effect, does not look healthy. The skin became more dull, dry than usual.

  2. Do not use moisturizer
    Faces are never protected moisturizer or anti-UV creams can be dark and dull because of the influence of the sun and dust from the environment.

  3. Lack of sleep
    Lack of sleep or staying up late a lot can also make skin visibly sagging, dark under the eyes and unkempt. Lack of rest can disrupt the process of skin regeneration at night.

  4. Smokers
    The skin of smokers could be worse than those who never smoked, because the content of harmful cigarette will damage skin cells and makes them look dull and unhealthy.

  5. Never rub the face
    Not only the skin of the body who has climbed, too, has the face of dead skin cells that need scrubbed and cleaned. If you never clean your face by means of scrubbing with a wet towel, only natural that your face looks dark.

A clean and healthy skin also needs to be balanced with the nutritional intake of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. So if you want the skin looks healthy and bright, try not to make mistakes over and see the comparison. May be useful