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How to Take Care Pretty Feet

How to Take Care Pretty Feet
Everyone would want to have beautiful legs. Not only the body, the legs also need to stay awake beauty treatments. With the load received by the foot at any time do not be surprised if the feet are the body parts that often receive problems.

Here is how to care for the feet to keep it beautiful:

  1. Clean Feet Every Time
    The feet are the body part that is often dirty and sweaty, do not be surprised if the feet need special care. Always wash your feet every two times better to keep feet clean. Use soap and antiseptic to keep your feet stay clean.

  2. Keep Walking Humidity
    Keeping humidity leg is very important to maintain healthy feet. Do not forget to always apply moisturizer on foot. Apply a moisturizer specifically feet before bed. Always use a moisturizer can reduce the problem of rough skin on the feet.

  3. Routine Massaging
    Do massage on the feet to maintain good blood circulation in the legs, make legs more relax, make you free from insomnia, and reduce the problem of skin burns on the legs. Just five minutes each day to rub your feet, it will help you to reduce foot problems.

  4. Wear shoes Pas
    Always wear shoes that fit the size of your feet. Also do not forget to choose shoes that are made of materials that will make your feet comfortable. Use shoes differently and in accordance with its function.

  5. Use Socks
    Always wear socks that match the shape of your foot. Do not forget to change your dirty socks with a new
    one. Do not forget to use baby powder before you use socks.

It is important for you to maintain the cleanliness and health of the feet so that your feet stay awake. Seem trivial, but maintaining foot hygiene will make your legs look beautiful, good luck and hopefully useful